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Mai 20, 2017

Von Zeit zu Zeit schreibe ich auch Lied-Texte. Den folgenden habe ich 2013 für meine Band „Melon Gallery“ geschrieben. Die Band gibt es leider nicht mehr.


Going through the world
I see such mysterious things
Longing in the streets and parks
Teenage life and found my love

verse two
longing for the silence
the streets are full of violence
alone in my thoughts
it turns to peace

verse three
Am I strong enough, to survive
on the streets the life gets harder
harder than the most imagine
with the life that they’re live

verse four (bridge)
And in my dreams I see a light
and I feel that you are my delight
love and passion like a fire
You‘re in my dream of love desire

Living on the streets is hard
Trouble all the way
Life is colored as my hair
Alcohol in my despair

John Schwarz

hier könnt ihr euch den Song anhören.